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July 2017 Real Estate News

Have you heard the latest Real Estate News? ExxonMobil is moving another 1600 jobs to their headquarters located just outside of The Woodlands. If you haven’t, here is the article that first broke the news.

What does this mean to you? That depends. Last month, I wrote about the higher end homes experiencing a buyer’s market. That’s about to change. Most of the transferred employees will be seeking these more expensive homes. If you are in that price point and your thinking of selling, next spring might be a good time to get on the market. Check out our sellers page to learn more.

If you have been thinking of buying one of those homes, now would be a good time to make your purchase. I have already begun replying to low ball offers given to my higher end homes with, “Has your client seen the news? Are they aware Exxon is moving another round of employees from Fort Worth?” That comment has already put one of my homes under contract.

All in all our market is doing well. We have more inventory than last year. We are up 11.7% over last year, but listings placed under contract in June are up a healthy 24% and year to date we are up 8.7%


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